Saffron Facial Bar Soap-25Gm- (Set of 5 Pieces)


Features & Details
1) Imparts Glow
2) Makes Skin Soft and supple.
3) Prevent acne
4) Hydrates skin.
5) Foams well.
6) Smells Aromatic Essential oil.
7) Doesn’t Break even after getting thin.
8) Pouch around soap locks fragrance.
9) Shelf Life 2years.
Product Information
Product type: Solid Transparent Soap
Shape: Rectangular.
Skin Type: For all Skin Type
Age: From 2 years onwards.
Color: Yellow.


Distilled Cow Urine ark, from indigenous cow, Aloe Vera and other herbs are blended at specific temperature before adding it to coconut soap base. Original Saffron is mixed with herbal mixture, which makes imparts skin glowing property to the soap.