Panchagavya Herbal Hair Oil- 100Ml(Set of 5 Pieces)

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Panchagavya Herbal Hair Oil, is made by extracting oil from Coconut Milk. The oil contains Olive Oil, Sesame oil, and minerals along with herbs likeBramhi, Bringraj, Methi seeds, Ashwagandha, Anantmool, Neem, Turmeric, Heena, Gul Mehandi, Jatamansi and Hibiscus flowers along with the 5 gavya from Cow namely Milk, Ghee, Curd, Cow Dung and Cow Urine.


Key Features and Details


1) Reduces Hair fall
2) Provides shine to Hair
3) Non Sticky Hair oil.
4) Anti Dandruff
5) Prevents growth of Lice
6) Initiates Hair growth.
7) Doesn’t freeze in Winter.
8) Shelf Life 2years.

9)100% Vegetarian

Product Information
Product type: Herbal Hair Oil
Variant: Herbal
Smell: Herbal
Hair Type: For all Hair Type
Age: All age group.
Color: Olive Green

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Panchagavya Herbal Hair Oil is made by blending olive oil, almond oil, sesame seed oil and oil extracted from Coconut Milk blebbed with oil extracts of herbs that nourishes scalp, hair and prevents hair fall, lice and dandruff