Milk Kesar Soap- Set of 5 Pieces




Milk Kesar Soap is a panchgavya soap free from animal fats. This soap is crafted from cow’s milk for health conscious people who feel that good skin care is essential.  Formulated with natural moisturisers like coconut oil, palm oil, gomata milk and saffron, the soap will sure to make your skin healthier and softer.

The selection of finest ingredient in making of Milk Kesar soap protects your skin from harsh dyes, synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrant used commonly to manufacture commercial soaps.  Pamper your skin with this soap manufactured from milk of desi breed of Bharatiya Cow (Gir Cow) that are well cared and well fed only on organic grass.  You will love the natural fragrance every time you take a rejuvenating bath with this soap.  This soap is totally free of animal fats.