Medichant Oudh Dhoop Stick-50Gm (Set of 5 Pieces)


Features & Details
1) Stick less dhoop
2) Around 4 inches long thin stick.
3) Aroma reminds performance of yagya.
4) Lasts for more than 30 mins.
5) Repels mosquitoes.
6) Heals atmosphere.
7) No chemical fragrance
8) No irritation to throat.
9) Cow dung may cause watery eye without causing any harm to eyes.

Product Information
Product type: Stick less Dhoop Stick
Shape: Cylindrical
Stand: Available with the pack.
Color: Brown.

No of Stics: Approx 45


Medichant Cow dung Dhoop, is a genuine attempt to produce authentic Incense dhoop (whole dung stick, without bamboo stick) stick made from Cow Dung and natural gums-resins, essential oils, Cow ghee and herbs.