Herbal Tooth Paste-100 Gm (Set of 3 Pieces)


Features & Details
1) Prevents all oral Problems.
2) Provides shiner Teeth/ Removes the stains on the teeth.
3) Free from SLS and triclosan which is commonly found in all toothpaste
4) Foaming due to Coconut based surfactant.
5) Free from Glycerin, Sodium Saccharine and other harmful chemicals.
6) Contains Calcium Carbonate PPT approved by Eco Cert Organic standard.
7) Controls pH of mouth for 24 hours
8) Prevent cavities and Bad breath.
9) It stops bleeding of gums and controls inflammation of gums.
10) It provides fresh breath and prevents Halitosis.
11) Prevents plaque formation from day one.
12) Shelf Life 2years.
13) Vegan Product
14) 100% Vegetarian
15) Made in GMP certified unit
16) Approved by Indian FDA.

Product Information
Product type: Dento Bliss Adult Herbal TOOTH PASTE
Variant: Herbal
Smell: Clove
Taste: Clove and mint.
Spice level: Mild.
Age: Above 8 years.
Color: Brown


Tooth Paste contains nano particles of Cow Dung Ash, around 19 herbs that makes teeth strong, controls pH of mouth preventing tooth caries, prevents bad breath and plaque formation. Complete oral care round the clock.