Chandan Agarbatti-75 Gm- Set of 5 Pieces



Chandan Agarbatti is made from Gomaya and GouArk.
There are 50 sticks.
Made from Desi Cow’s pure Ghee, Gou ark, Cow Dung and Natural herbs.
The burning of cow dung acts as air purifier. This is not a new practice or custom. It is very popular in our villages and the middle east even today. In many parts of our country, cleaning room by burning of cow dung and applying a cover of cow dung was well known. Cow dung has a property of disinfecting effect of reduce pathogenic bacteria and fights against various diseases.
These agarbattis are totally Gomaya and Gou ark based without the following polluting elements:
• charcoal
• chemical oils
• saw dust or wooden powder.